Thai Elephant 2


Thai Elephant 2

This was my first timing trying thai food and all I can say it was pretty good. Got treated well. Everything was cooked fine. I got their lunch special it's a great deal.Quotes

Michael B

New rochelle,NY

So very flavorful & delicious. Excellent Thai cuisine served in the traditionally warm and friendly manner in a cozy atmospher . Broad menu offering traditional classics as well as creative unique options. Entres range from $13-18. Wkday lunch specials r $9. Duck, seafood, beef, chicken, whole red snapper!, & vegetarian possibilities. we enjoyed Sunday lunch in the sunlight dining room overlooking the trees & mountains. Surprisingly excellent Bloodymary. Great thai iced tea. Stand outs: Panage curry chicken, Tom Yum w seafood, duck fried rice, crispy basil chicken (very spicy, great flavor!). Calamari aw a bit over cooked for me. Spring rolls were average. Definately will return when I'm in the area. Bathrooms really need updating. Private parking.Quotes

Debrin S


Onne of the best for Thai food . Is is the only Asian type sit down restaurant in the area for miles. The only Asian restaurants are Chinese and they are only take out if you don t count 2 or 3 tables. The decor here is great and the outside deck has a great viewQuotes

Jim troetti


Food is always fresh and flavorful!! Great service! Everyone is always friendly. Can't wait to go again!!Quotes


Fresh food!!

We had to pick up our son at Thunder Ridge after night skiing and were looking for a place nearby for dinner before picking him up. We came upon the Thai Elephant and thought why not. We were pleasantly surprised. The service was very friendly and efficient. and the food was very good(not the best but very good). Everything was fresh and well prepared. The ambience is kind of funky; an old colonial building with dark wood paneled walls fireplace etc combined with all sorts of Thai themed icons and decorations. We enjoyed our evening there and will certainly return the next time our son goes night snow boarding at Thunder ridgeQuotes

J.Barry R

Ridgefield, CT

Excellent Thai food and who would have thought it would be in Patterson...Quotes


South Salem,NY

Food was good and i found the service to be excellent,. we ordered a meal to go and had some left overs in bags but than forgot them on the table when we left and the waitress ran outside to give us our bagsQuotes

John P


This is the best (and only) Thai restaurant in Patterson! Formerly L'auberge Bretonne, Jagerhaus and most recently Steakhouse 22, a very handsome restaurant with a stone fireplace, bar, deck and garden seating in season. Hoping there will be enough traffic on Rt 22 to stay open for a good long run. During my visits there were a number of first time diners who frequented one of the previous restaurants this building housed. All appeared happy with the latest identity. Very friendly service and a nice setting is a great start, on to the food. Didn't go out on a limb, stuck to Pad Thai or Pad Kee Mao with Tom Kha Gai. Great! Everything prepared to order and very tasty. Looking forward to returning!Quotes

Rich R


We were in the mood for Thai food and, in this area, Thai Elephant 2 is the best. We ordered Tom Yum soup, pineapple fried rice, vegetable dumplings and crispy duck. Each dish was excellent! Service was a bit slow, but very polite... the food is so worth overlooking this. A definite stop if in the area and have a craving for some Thai food!Quotes


just wonderful food ,plain and simple

The people are very friendly and the food is high quality. The service is fast. Lunch menu has a nice combination of soup eggroll and food as in meal. If you're driving by and you feel like something different this is a great place to stop.Quotes

craig c,NYC

good food ,close location

Great location, great restaurant, great dining room(s). The first positive experience was meeting Joe, who works behind the bar. A real people person; it was worth visiting just for him. The food? I had Panang curry (which I've had all over the world), and it was good. Joe recommended the summer rolls, also good. All round, worth going. Shoot, I live out of town, and I'm thinking of driving out of my way to come and eat here again. The people complaining that the food came slowly should probably realize they're not in a McDonald's drive through. Sorry that you didn't get fries with your order, or a toy. Sigh. The wait time was about right for good food with fresh ingredients. I'll be back.Quotes

Brent .P

Simi VAlley ,CA

Wow, I am a little surprised and disappointed to read that others have not found Thai Elephant 2 to be as wonderful as we experienced. We were greeted nicely and seated at a table which afforded a view of the Valley below. Our waiter was very sweet and friendly and was impressed with my very very limited Thai language skills and by the fact that I have been to his home town! We ordered our drinks, plain Iced Tea for me and a TIT for The L., and a starter of their Fresh Rolls. The L also got an order of Calamari but I did not taste it. Vibrant with color the rolls were ok, not the best I have had, as the veggies seemed a little bland, but what does one want for a salad in rice paper? ;))) My main of Thai Broccoli and Eggplant was really good. The sauce was spicy enough and the julienned carrots provided a nice crispy crunch as well as a nice amount of color and the broccoli was perfectly cooked, lush green and al dente. I had ordered a side of Sticky Rice which was served in its ownQuotes

lydia L

Philipstown, Ny

This area was desperately in need of a place like this - and the number of cars in the parking lot prove it. Our meal was delicious - we had spring rolls (stuffed with sweet potato I think? Probably would not have them again) and the Green Papaya Salad to start, the chicken hot basil and the pad Thai. Both meals were fantastic and full of flavor. The range on the menu was great, and there were lots of authentic options. The veggies looked fresh and they had brown rice. THey have a great view of the sunset and hopefully there will be some outside seating as the weather warms up? A few kinks still need to be worked out - they were really understaffed the night we were there, both in the dining room and the kitchen. No liquor license yet, blaring George Michael music. It looks like the Astoria operation is successful, and I am sure this one will be too. We would recommend to a friend for sure. Can't wait to go backQuotes

Kate F

white plains,ny

Great addition to the culinary choices in the patterson/brewster/candlewood lake area. Thai Elephant 2 is the outer suburban outpost of the original Thai Elephant in Queens. We had standard dishes; masaman curry, pad Thai, pad see ew, and everything was very good! Full of flavor and good value. Worth a trip and we'll be adding it to our list of go to restaurants in the area.Quotes

David s


So far I would say its a best thai place in our area. (5 stars for this area, of course NYC has better places but this one in the middle of nowhere is a gem so in general 4 stars would be a good compromise) Little too far for us but both times we been there it was a wonderful experience! Great service. Panang, ginger tofu, eggplant basil tofu and Tom Ka Gai soup were excellent, and we will be back for sure. fried rice was excellent tooQuotes

Olga D


Had lunch at Thai Elephant 2 in Patterson, NY Excellent food, great atmosphere, and fabulous view. The waitstaff was superb. Highly recommend LQuotes


This is was the best Thai restaurant that I ever had, everthing was perfect and wonderful. I got Beef satay, Mango salad, Thai cashew nut with shrimp. All of them were delicious, my family and me were enjoying a lot especially they have a special view seating on the back, the scenery was beautiful. It's good to having a lunch or dinner in Thai Elephant, quiet place and the waitress was so helpful and nice. Mango sticky rice was the last things that I got, price was reasonable too. My sister got thai friend ice cream, It was the first time I've tried fried ice cream, so good. I will definetly come back to try different menu.Quotes


Patterson ,Ny

It my second time, I told my husband for the first visit i don't want to go back there again , because their service was to slow, I guess because they just opened they need to be more organized. but one day we are craving for their food, black bean chicken , fried ice cream, and more ... My husband said , why don't we try again , probably this time they serve faster. We went and we really have a great time, food is good , the server is very friendly also with our Son , the most important thing we dont have to wait for a long time like last time. We will definetly will going back , will be our spot. Keep up the good work. love THAI ELEPHANT2!Quotes


New york

We have discovered this restaurant today because of our decision of taking a back roads to our destination instead of highways. We were just lucky :) Food was great, even the Thai ice tea had the super strong robust flavor to it. We also ordered Tom Kha (Tofu) soup - it was mild hot and tasted excellent. Tofu Eggplant basil dish version was the best i ever tried. Panang curry was very good too (just a little too much on a sweet side to our taste but still great). Service is very friendly. (and they have a happy hour from 4-30 pm :) We will be back soon to try more. (and update review after)Quotes

Olga D

Cold spring,Ny

Excellent, authentic quisine! I tried dishes that you don't really find at other restaurants. The porkchops were different, in a good way. The curry puffs are big and divine, I devoured it. Great variety of options from fried rice meals to curries and more. Very thorough menu that will both fill and sattisfy a big appetite, (I should know). The place has a warm feel to it. Nothing major fancy but it will do for a nice intimate dinner. I think this place will fit in nicely. The area is in need of new restaurants that make good food, there's only so much [email protected]#ing Italian food one can eat? Am I right locals? I highly recommend this to anyone who adores Thai!Quotes

Alicia B

New York

I went on Sat night, with my girlfriend who is from Thailand. We normally go to the city for really good Thai food. I am so happy I will not have to make the trip anymore! My girlfriend and I often rate our appetizers and entree on a 1- 10 score, and in the years I have been with her she has NEVER given a 10 to anything untill now. The crispy basil chicken was by far the best I ever had. My girlfriend had some noodle she says is not easy to make. We really loved everythig from the sevice reasonable price and really great Thai food. We will be back very soon.Quotes

mike and nalinrut

satisfied custumer

the food at the thai elephant is awesome. it now save me a trip to the city, i live in patterson ny . I use to travel all the way to the city just to eat good thai food. The food hear is awesome and i highly recommend anyone who likes thai food or just someone who is willing to try something different, its the place to go if you want to eat healthy and awesome tasting food, your body will thank you for eating hear. And its 100 times better than any chines food you could find up at patterson ny , the chines food up hear really sucks up hear. the chines food just tast bad and if you should eat it make you feel sluggish,fat and weak. so if you want good tasting food please go to the thai elephant 2 . my family and i love it alot.Quotes

michael roman

satisfied customer

I went there for lunch today and it was awesome. they will be seeing me again.Quotes


My wife and I were in for dinner on opening night on Wednesday. Every thing was great. From the spring rolls to our main entree which was spicy basil fried rice with chicken. Very fresh and tasty. If I have to nit pick the tom yum soup was good as well but just had to many mushrooms in it. At times thought I was eating mushroom soup. Overall experience was very good, and we will definately be back!!!!!Quotes



We went to opening day for lunch. The food was delicious!! Very tasty dishes. We had the Pad Thai and the Red Curry and both were very good. We were impressed with the amount of food too. The soup, salad, and spring roll were also great. I couldn't finish it all, but my husband was happy to help me out. ;-) We will be back!Quotes


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